Authentic encounters

Authentic encounters

Dive with a shark, swim with a humpback whale, help conserve local wildlife. Learn to surf with a pro, salute the sun overlooking the ocean, meet local artisans at Australia’s largest open-air market or journey along the spectacular Great Beach Drive. 

ECOllaboration Safari

by Live it Tours

Renowned for our lush green rainforest, national parks full of wildlife and pristine white sandy beaches the Sunshine Coast is a nature lovers' paradise not to be missed. This incredible nature safari is an ideal opportunity to get actively involved in the protection of distinctive ecosystems and species unique to the Sunshine Coast. Led by a local resident scientist expert, you are part of an in-depth, authentic, hands on nature experience like no other. Understand the science behind the Sunshine Coast’s fragile habitats and learn about eco sustainability practices. Participate in tailored environment projects such as the revegetation of sand dunes, maintaining walking trails, or monitoring water ways and participate in protecting local endangered species including the Richmond Birdwing Butterfly, water mouse and vulnerable species such as the platypus and turtle. ECOllaboration Safari is a fantastic opportunity to empower your group by contributing to conservation and sustainability on the beautiful Sunshine Coast.

Suggested Minimum Numbers: 10
Suggested Maximum Numbers: 50
Activity Duration: Half or Full day.
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Helping Hands

by Be Challenged

Challenge your team to an activity that will literally change someone’s life.  The BE Challenged ‘Helping Hands’ challenge will present your team with a kit of 30 pieces of unmarked parts from which they will assemble a prosthetic hand.  These hands are then donated to landmine victims halfway around the world. Further challenges are presented to the team such as earning the parts to complete the prosthesis and the restriction of only being able to use one hand, gaining a small understanding of how landmine victims live. In just a couple of hours, this program gives each and every participant a new perspective on the challenges they face in work and life in and a new attitude to handle them.

Suggested Minimum Numbers: 8
Suggested Maximum Numbers: 1000+
Activity Duration: Half day.
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Swim with Humpback Whales

by Sunreef Mooloolaba

Experience Australia’s first ‘Swim with Humpback Whales’ encounter with Sunreef Mooloolaba.

This experience is 100% on the Whales’ terms, with whales often swimming closer to see who is hanging out in their domain. For those who choose not to swim, there is the option for an intimate whale watching experience at the same time. These tours run seasonally July - October and are subject to weather conditions.

Suggested Minimum Numbers: 15
Suggested Maximum Numbers: 60
Activity Duration: Half day.
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