Corporate & Group Xperiences


Does your company need a fresh approach? Does your team morale and productivity need a boost, need to get outside and have some quality fun or an objective based program?

Great! We can offer you a unique, exciting group activity that will have your team fired up and achieving the results you were aiming for.

Corporate & Group Xperiences has developed a portfolio of unique and captivating team building programs.

We base our programs on your demographics, size, location and most importantly your objectives and outcomes, and let's no forget your budget.

From a Giant Foosball tournament, Laser Clay shooting, your very own Amazing race and Master Chef meets the beach to a simulated survivor scenario complete with aircraft fuselage where we can incorporate a mission objective based scenario including Laser Skirmish.


Servicing the entire Sunshine Coast from Glass House Mountains in the south to Rainbow Beach in the north.