Experientia Sunshine Coast


Inspiring people globally to visit Sunshine Coast’s natural beauty through adventuring whilst concurrently creating a game changer mindset experience resonating with them for life.

Corporate Adventures

Experientia hosts 7 adventures or an amazing race style event uniquely designed to expand the mind, when moving the body whilst absorbing the essence of mother nature. Just as your businesses margins increase progressively, the mind, just like a muscle needs constant training to grow, enhancing well-being performance in home life, the work front, relationships & self-love/worth. At Experientia we call this MINDFIT which is engrained in all of our Corporate experiences.


  • Glass House Mountains Discovery Adventure                                         
  • 6 Mountains one day
  • Taste of Oz
  • H30 - 3 waterfalls one day
  • Historic Bunkers adventure
  • Cruisey Kay adventure




Servicing the entire Sunshine Coast from Glass House Mountains in the south to Rainbow Beach in the north.