Sunshine Coast Afloat


Minimum Capacity: 11
Maximum Capacity: 22


Everything We do at Sunshine Coast Afloat is done with you, the customer, first and foremost in mind. Afterall, if its not designed for you then why would you want to do it or even enjoy it?

It doesn’t matter what the activity is. It needs to be customer centric, not designed to make it easy for the crew, owners or business operation. Sure, that often makes things more complicated, but we are in the business of enjoyable experiences, not in that of easy operations! A point too often overlooked in modern society!

Key points we have been told by customers in all areas? COMFORT! ROOM TO MOVE! FUN, ATTENTIVE STAFF! QUALITY! and a clear PASSION for the business we are in!

These are the key areas we focus on with each and every activity. Sure, space is difficult on a kayak, but we can assist in that by having your guide take any “extra” gear rather than load your kayak up. Room to move is not the first thing for the Jet Boat thrill rides, but thrills and fun aside, comfort is right up there. Hence the reason we upgraded the seating to true Recaro bucket racing seats, and upgraded the air-conditioning to the best available! Fishing charters should have different types of quality gear to use. And room to move is a key part here once you pass the 3 hour mark!

Let us focus on you and the things important to your enjoyment so that you can just focus on having fun!

Activity options

Deep Sea Fishing & Crabbing

  • 5hr, 7hr, 9hr charters
  • 55’ ex commercial vessel - safe & sturdy

Spanner Crabbing

  • Can combine catching & cooking – fish, BBQ – meats

Coastline & Canal Cruises

  • Cruise along the coastline & canals
  • Can combine swimming & BBQ if requested

Whale Watching without the crowds

  • 3 Hour Cruise with refreshments and morning tea provided
  • Railside view at all times, spacious and comfortable

Jetboat – Cruise Combo

  • Unique product that you will not find anywhere else.
  • Combine cruising while watching your mates play around jetboating, swap as many times as you like.  Enjoy platters of food while cruising.

A rare opportunity to enjoy a combination of high speed jet boating action together with a comfortable cruise and refreshments on which to take in the antics of those on the thrill ride. 

You can watch Hela-Va Jet “do her thing” while relaxing on Crusader 1 which is in this case used as your viewing platform.  Hela-Va Jet will be manoeuvring around and past Crusader 1 in the Mooloolaba Bay.

The Skipper will throw Hela-Va Jet into all sorts of spins and turns, having the waves and water crashing over the boat while passengers stay completely dry (well, except for some fear sweat perhaps!).   This gives you two ways to enjoy the 360 degree spins on the waves, pumping the adrenaline, thrilling and exciting both those aboard and those watching and anticipating their turn!   

Hela-va Jet is a fully enclosed jetboat, purpose built for the ocean conditions and riding waves without getting soaking wet.  There are only two of these jet boats in operation in Australia, and no-where else can you experience the joy of watching your fellow workers or friends in such close proximity, then swap and see what it’s like being in amongst it.

Minimum Numbers: 24 Maximum Numbers: 34
Activity Duration: 3 hours   (Flexible – depending on volume)

Ocean Jet boating

  • One of only two in Australia
  • Fully enclosed – no need for life jackets

Extreme Whale Watching

  • Whale Watching in Hela-Va Jet
  • Get out to the whales quickly and enjoy the speed and fun of being out on the water
  • You are low to the ocean so get sea level view of the whales

Guided Kayak Estuary Fishing

  • Great for small teams – adventure, exploring, enjoyment
  • Expert guide provides coaching techniques and assistance

Tailor Made Charters

  • Private charter to suit
  • Combine fishing and BBQ in Mooloolaba Bay   (Catch n Cook)
  • Combine cruising with swimming and BBQ

3 vessels  -  Crusader 1,  Hala-Va Jet & Supa-Yot

Crusader 1  -  Deep Sea Fishing & Crabbing Charters,  Whale Watching,  Coastal & Canal Cruises,  Private Charters

Hela-Va Jet  -  Ocean Jet Boating;  Whale Watching,  Canal Cruises

Supa-Yot -  2-3 person cruises


On request – bbq, meal packages available ranging from cheese platters, wraps and rolls, hot and cold finger food to providing a personal chef on board.


Departs from Mooloolaba in the heart of the Sunshine Coast