Minimum Capacity: 5
Maximum Capacity: 500


A ‘Way2Go’ session is a perfect fit for many outcomes including; peak performance, personal development, motivation, empowerment, change, leadership and team building.

The content can be delivered bespoke to fit a specific curriculum and outcomes and or additionally utilise the Way2Go programme modules including goal setting, managing resources and modelling success.

This along with a board or arrow break ‘ metaphor activity’ is a great session that anchor’s people into and connects them with the change they desire.

The content is engaging with key points and analogies along with some practical activities to last from ninety minutes up to six hours.


Team Building

• BreakThru - overcome procrastination, limiting beliefs, limiting decisions and sabotaging behaviours with an optional board break.

• FiredUp - turn your inner fears into unstoppable power and confidence with an optional firewalk.

• Access Your Flow - turn your hesitation and fear into a real positive energy of self-commitment and power with an optional glass walk and or arrow snap.

• Challenge Commit & Conquer -  get total commitment in life, work and relationships. Optional activity of metal rebar bend and or brick break.




Servicing the entire Sunshine Coast from Glass House Mountains in the south to Rainbow Beach in the north.