Clean and green

The Sunshine Coast is a progressive, think-outside-the-box region that attracts residents and visitors who revel in the knowledge that they’ve chosen a destination that is smart about managing its abundant natural resources. Living in one of the most naturally beautiful places on the planet comes with a certain responsibility, and we embrace that responsibility by taking great care to protect the environment.

In support of this aim, the Sunshine Coast rallied behind the establishment of the Noosa Biosphere. The first in Queensland, the biosphere is committed to innovative approaches to conservation and sustainable development.

The region has also committed to attracting clean tech and renewable energy businesses. These companies provide innovative solutions that work to simultaneously protect and promote the region’s – and the world’s - ecosystems, resources and values.

With an army of volunteers acting as custodians of our clean and green environment, the future of the Sunshine Coast is guaranteed to be environmentally and economically successful.