Climatic bliss

The Sunshine Coast name says it all. With an average of seven hours of sunshine daily and more than 300 days of sunshine each year, you can bask in rays here more than almost anywhere else on earth – and that’s official. This sub-tropical paradise translates into mild winter months, warm autumns and springs, and summer days soaked in sun.

This enviable climate sees each season blend seamlessly into the next with temperatures hovering between 15 and 26 degrees. Enjoying endless blue skies and gentle sea breezes, visitors can’t help but relax into the soothing pace of the Sunshine Coast lifestyle.

Average temperatures

Season Low High
Summer (Dec - Feb) 17c 28c
Autumn (Mar - May) 13c 25c
Winter (Jun - Aug) 7c 22c
Spring (Sept - Nov) 13c 25c