Marketing through Visitor Information Centres

Visitor Information Centres (VICs) are an essential distribution outlet for marketing materials promoting your business, and our VIC volunteer ambassadors have a wealth of knowledge to share with visitors about accommodation options, attractions and the region’s natural wonders.

Increase the profile of your business by becoming a member of VSC and enjoy the following benefits:


  • Brochure and flyer distribution (through centres).
  • Present your business to VIC volunteer ambassadors at quarterly information sessions.
  • Invite volunteer ambassadors to visit and learn more about your business on a familiarisation (famil).
  • Take part in the annual trade show and showcase your business to more than 250 volunteer ambassadors from Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and neighbouring centres.
  • Have the opportunity to sell your products through VIC centres.
  • Have your product/business featured in presentations to a range of community groups including school groups, Probus, and youth organisations at the Glass House Mountains VIC.

Fast Facts

  • 320 VIC volunteer ambassadors promote the Sunshine Coast through eight visitor centres.
  • Pop-up VICs are organised at major tourism events and gatherings including cruise ship arrivals and major events.
  • VICs are open 363 days a year and more than 145,000 people visit the centres in search of information about the Sunshine Coast.
  • All centres have free WiFi encouraging centre visitation and research of local attractions and accommodation.