Tourism Operators 'Go Green'

Tourism operator Kanu Kapers go green for Queensland koalas

Sunshine Coast tourism operators are joining forces to reinforce our region’s green credentials.

Reducing the environmental footprint across the tourism sector is a key initiative of Visit Sunshine Coast, with the region’s natural beauty at the core of our industry.

Kanu Kapers owners Vivienne Golding and Kym McGregor (left to right) with their daughter Caroline.
Kanu Kapers owners Vivienne Golding and Kym McGregor (left to right) with their daughter Caroline.

This January Boreen Point-based kayak tour company Kanu Kapers donated more than $400 to the Queensland Koala Crusaders, with the money to go towards creating wildlife corridors through land use designation and acquisitions.

The money was raised by Kanu Kapers who aim to be 100 per cent carbon neutral, and encourage visitors travelling to their destination by car to offset their emissions through a monetary donation.

Kanu Kapers co-director Kym McGregor said as a business they are passionate about sustainability and planned to provide ongoing support for the Koala Crusaders.

“We take visitors by kayak in to the Noosa Everglades and Upper Noosa River, a pristine wilderness area that we can thank previous generations for their forward thinking and hardworking efforts to preserve,” she said.

“Forming a partnership with the Queensland Koala Crusaders is one way we can contribute to preserving our precious wildlife and securing the future of green areas for generations to come.

“We are passionate about Australian wildlife and want to see more koalas in this area.”

Kanu Kapers was recently recognised in the National Adventure Tourism Green Awards for Best Eco Tour in Australia and New Zealand.

Their initiative aligns with Visit Sunshine Coast’s (VSC) ‘Naturally Refreshing’ tagline and new Sustainability Action Plan and Policy.

The policy aims to reduce VSC’s own carbon footprint while encouraging tourism operators to adopt sustainable and environmentally-sensitive operating practices.

Other tourism operators focusing on a green future include Eco River Rides, who offer Australia’s first solar-powered canoe experience on the Maroochy River, and EcoTekk Sunshine Coast that offers visitors electric bike tours.