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Who can become a member of Visit Sunshine Coast?

Tourism related businesses, professional support services and individuals who would like to connect with the Sunshine Coast tourism industry.  Applications from outside the Sunshine Coast Regional Tourism Organisation boundary are also welcome to apply.
Apply for membership here.

What will I receive for my membership fees?

Our objective is to provide unique opportunities for our members to help them grow their businesses. Pending the level of membership you choose for your business will dictate the benefits you receive. Please see the membership benefits table for specific benefits.

How can I access the image library of Visit Sunshine Coast?

Access to the image library is a membership benefit. Apply for membership here.

How do I get my brochures in the Visitor Information Centres? (VIC’s)

Distribution of your brochures through our VIC’s is a membership benefit. Once your membership has been approved (at Tourism Essentials level or higher) you can engage with a brochure distribution company or deliver the brochures directly to our Maroochydore or Caloundra Road VIC’s.

Why do I need to be a Visit Sunshine Coast member, if I already pay the tourism levy?

The Tourism and Major Events Levy is administered by Sunshine Coast Council. Funds are directed to marketing of the region, major events and the operation of Visitor Information Centres. As a levy payer, you will still benefit from the activity that Visit Sunshine Coast delivers. However, as a member, you will be able to directly advertise your business and leverage from Visit Sunshine Coast’s promotional activity.

How will my membership fee be used?

Member fees will be used to deliver national and international marketing activity , operate the membership program and to facilitate industry development programs.

I am already a member of a local tourism body or chamber of commerce, why should I also join Visit Sunshine Coast?

Federal and State tourism bodies such as Tourism Australia and Tourism and Events Queensland deal directly with SCDL as the region’s official tourism organisation, and this then provides opportunities for local tourism bodies. This means that membership of Visit Sunshine Coast provides you with an exclusive channel for maximising your business opportunities. In 2015/2016, SCDL will continue to build all categories of tourism through enhanced digital, niche and traditional marketing, as well as increased consumer and trade PR, and strong partnership marketing.

What level of membership is recommended if I have more than one business?

Select the most appropriate level of membership for your business according to the benefits. If you have multiple businesses and join an additional business at the same or lower membership level, a 25% discount will apply to the lower level.

What level of membership is recommended if my business is both Trade and Leisure and Business Events oriented?

The Business Events of membership level provides for businesses active in both the leisure and business events sectors.

Download the membership prospectus or contact us for more information.

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