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There’s a new little wombat in town!

byCory Gale-21 Oct 2016

'Cute and fluffy' doesn’'t get much more adorable than this little beauty. Meet Australia Zoo's latest joey that is stealing hearts around the world!

This healthy baby wombat was born on New Year’s Day and has been growing steadily in her mum Poa’s pouch before finally emerging recently for her first look at the world.

At just over nine months old, the new addition to Australia Zoo’s wombat family has already developed an independent streak handed down from her grandmother Minibus. Her sweet, stubborn and mischievous nature is shining through.


Now weighing in at 2.6 kilograms, this little ball of energy has begun perfecting her speedy running style and has also been snacking on a few solid foods, with sweet potato being the favourite so far! Playtime is the highlight of each day and she’s quickly learning and developing the skills needed to grow into a strong, confident wombat.

Bindi Irwin has already had a cuddle with the joey and, much like the rest of Australia Zoo, is smitten with this little wombat.

At the moment she’s doing what every baby does – eating, sleeping and getting used to her surroundings but she’ll eventually be out and about with the other wombats for visitors at the Zoo to see.

Australia Zoo baby wombat with Bindi Irwin
This little cutie is stealing hearts around the world!

Wonderful wombat facts:

•    born the size of jelly beans
•    Can run at speeds up to 40km/h
•    Over the past 13 years, Australia Zoo has seen six wombat joeys born and raised successfully as part of our common wombat breeding program.
•    Australia Zoo’s baby boom, joining a whole host of other exotic and native animals born this year including lemurs, a giraffe, tiger cubs and koala and kangaroo joeys.

Every animal born at Australia Zoo plays an important conservation role by inspiring people to protect and appreciate wildlife through life-changing experiences.

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