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We are 2 professional photographers, so we capture many more angles, and photos than a single photography can do

DAVID LYNNE PHOTOGRAPHY - YOUR DREAM STARTS HERE Photographing fabulous weddings is our passion A wedding celebration is a very special event in a couple’s life. It depicts what “You” stand for, and is accompanied by a whirlwind of emotions. It tells a ""Story"" of your special day. We can quietly capture the glamour, emotions and fun of your story We have re-established our highly successful wedding photography business, which operated in Bali for 5 years, back to the Sunshine Coast in 2011. Our husband and wife professional photography team provide a personal and professional experience for each and every couple No matter what style or theme, we provide a flexible and affordable package to every couple. By working with the Bride and Groom we can ensure a package which will surprise and delight We know your wedding day is the most special day for you, and hope you will consider us for your photography. We look forward to hearing from you and discussing how we can best capture your day in the most perfect way! David Lynne Photography has been featured in Asian, US and Australian magazines

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90 days out 50% refund off total price 60 days out 30% refund off total price 30 days out no refund