Skydive Fraser Island

Beach Landings on every Jump! Experience the Ultimate in Beach Tandem Skydiving with amazing coastal views over Fraser Island and the spectacular Coloured Sands that Rainbow Beach is famous for. Freefall at speeds up to 220 kilometres per hour then enjoy the views of the coast before landing right on the surf beach! Tandem Skydiving is the best way to do your first skydive - secured to an experienced instructor. You will be fitted with a harness and are secured to your Instructor by four strong points. Grab your personalised video and photos as a great memory and tell a great story in themselves! Photos are taken before you get in the plane, of the awesome scenery on the flight up, then when the door opens, while you are in the door about to jump out, the entire freefall, half of the canopy ride and the parachute landing on the beach.