Tin Can Bay

Tin Can Bay is a tranquil seaside village with plenty to do. Located near the southern end of World Heritage listed Fraser Island, the town adjoins the Great Sandy Strait and offers a sheltered paradise for birdwatching, sailing, cruising on a houseboat or fishing.

Tin Can Bay is a beautiful seaside village that is known for its abundant wildlife, easy atmosphere and magnificent wild-catch seafood harvested from the pristine waters of the Great Sandy Strait (Great Sandy Marine Park) and Pacific Ocean. To judge for yourself, dine alfresco in one of the many cafés or traditional fish and chip shops, or like many savvy travellers, stock up your holiday fridge and enjoy fresh prawns, crabs and fish right on the water’s edge.

Tin Can Bay has a number of activities for the adventurer or a young family - you can partake in sailing, fishing, bird watching, horse riding, a round of golf at the 18 hole golf course or a walk around town on the sealed foreshore path or wildflower walk. However, with miles and miles of pristine waterways, the most rewarding activity in Tin Can Bay is being on the water. You can sail, cruise, kayak or hire a houseboat. The water has abundant turtles, fish species, dolphins, mud crabs and sand crabs. For a peaceful kayaking experience consider exploring Snapper Creek and Crab Creek.

The Great Sandy Strait also has ideal sailing conditions, stunning scenery with many sheltered bays, sand flats, beaches and mangrove-lined creeks that are perfect for fishing and home to dugongs - check marine park zoning regulations before you visit at npsr.qld.gov.au.

Birdwatchers can observe more than 140 species, including some rare shorebirds that have migrated from as far as Siberia to use the area as their summer resting ground after breeding. Some species fly up to 25,000 kilometres (round trip) to reach Tin Can Bay. Tin Can Bay is endeared to locals and tourists for the beautiful and unique opportunity to hand feed and interact with rare Indo-Pacific humpback dolphins. Under the supervision of Barnacles Dolphin Centre, you are able to stand in the water and get up close and personal with these gentle souls. The dolphins generally arrive around 7-7:30am and you can feed them from 8:00am. Unauthorised dolphin feeding is not permitted.

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