Explore the Sunshine Coast Hinterland and it’s vibrant food and craft brewery scene

16 May 2019

The Sunshine Coast is so much more than just stunning beaches; there's also a lush hinterland and vibrant food and craft brewery scene that is really taking off.

The Sunshine Coast is known for its incredible beaches but perhaps the real unsung hero is the hinterland that lies just half an hour to the west.

Maleny local, Matt Jancauskas, shares his story about his passion for the region and the inspiration for the establishment of his Brouhaha Brewery and Restaurant in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland.

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Brouhaha Brewery

Founded in 2016, the brewery’s mission is to educate and introduce the community to the art and world of independent brewing and craft beer.

The brewery’s focus is on keeping everything locally based and sustainable. Because the hinterland is a rich produce hub, Brouhaha showcase the flavours of the local area in the making of their beer. The flavours are derived from local raspberries, strawberries and citrus fruits and they even use locally brewed coffee in their unique coffee stout.

The discarded grain that comes from the brewing process goes back to feed Maleny’s wagyu cows which, in turn, get bought back by Brouhaha brewery for use in their restaurant, complementing a menu showcasing fresh, organic produce grown locally in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland.

Brouhaha Brewery
Brouhaha Brewery

Sunshine Coast Food Trail

The Sunshine Coast is a foodie’s haven with over 400 food and beverage experiences. Create your own food trail based on the region you’d like to explore and your interests - dining, cooking schools, local breweries, farmer’s markets, food trucks and more! Use our Food Trail interactive tool to build your journey through the Sunshine Coast Hinterland.

From fine-dining at award-winning restaurants to sampling locally-brewed craft beer - the Sunshine Coast Hinterland has a feast of flavours that will satisfy every foodie's palate. View the 10 experiences we recommend you add to your foodie adventure.

Create a Food Trail
Create a Food Trail

Sunshine Coast Art Trail

Discover the Sunshine Coast Hinterland’s thriving art trail with its unique galleries and studios showcasing local and international artists and their original works. There is something to capture every imagination. Take our easy two-day tour through Maleny and Montville or create your own art gallery trail.

Find out more about the stunning Sunshine Coast Hinterland.

Montville Art Gallery
Montville Art Gallery

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