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Innovative Food

08 Dec 2017

The Sunshine Coast is a foodie paradise, offering a range of world-class restaurants and cafés, as well as markets where you can chat to the producers behind the locally farmed, home grown, organic and unique produce.


Taste of the region

A natural food bowl, the Sunshine Coast is one of Australia’s favourite taste destinations. With its distinctive coast and country geography, the region delights with an appetising variety of producers, waterfront restaurants, wineries, food festivals, cooking schools and farmers markets. The warm climate, rich soil and abundant oceans ensure the Sunshine Coast is suitable for producing an array of goods, such as avocados, ginger, pineapples, strawberries, feijoas, macadamia nuts, tomatoes, passionfruit, lychees, seafood, lemon myrtle, beef, dairy products, and even snails. Mooloolaba is the biggest swordfish port in Australia and is one of the busiest seafood ports on the eastern seaboard. The wharf is a hive of daily activity, with trawlers bringing in boatloads of swordfish, Mooloolaba prawns, lobsters and spanner crabs. Paddock to plate experiences abound, with farm gates, food and wine tours and factory tours available, where you can get up close and see behind the scenes. Pick your own, smell, taste and experience an authentic food spectacle.

table with beers and food

Cook up a storm

If you’re feeling inspired by the great food in the area, grab an apron and become a cuisine master at one of the region’s many award-winning cooking schools. Learn the art from the masters of Japanese, French and contemporary South East Asian cuisine, and be sure to impress at your next dinner party.

Cook up a storm
Cook up a storm

Best brews

As home to the first Coffee Roasters Guild in the country, championing the burgeoning artisan coffee industry, and a thriving craft microbrewery scene, it’s clear the region is a leader in gastronomic innovation and inspiration. The future is looking bubbly for the ever growing number of craft breweries in the region, all weaving their unique passion and flavours in to their brews. And while you may come to taste the delicious brews, make sure you stay for the vibrant food culture that dominates the region’s cafés and breweries, where seasonal fare and investment in to local producers and growers is championed, with delectable results.

couple drinking coffee