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The whales are on their way

byLiz Tuckett-07 Jul 2017

From July to November, experience the aquatic acrobatics and majestic presence of the humpback whales as they travel through the waters of the Sunshine Coast. 

The Sunshine Coast benefits from a longer whale watching season as the whales make the 10,000km journey along the Australian coastline to Antarctica, newborn calves in tow, and then pass by again as they head south to the Arctic.

Sunshine Coast Afloat
Sunshine Coast Afloat

It’s a special sight to spot these creatures with the tell-tale spout, tail slapping or breaching a full body from the water.

Where to see the whales

You can witness these graceful giants from several vantage points along the coast:

To head out on the water and get even closer to these fantastic beasts, try a whale watching tour with Whale One or Sunshine Coast Afloat. Both tour companies operate regularly during the season from Mooloolaba.

Whale watching Sunshine Coast style.
Whale watching Sunshine Coast style.

If you want to get up really close and personal with the whales in their natural environment, you can you can even swim with these beauties thanks to Sunreef. They were the first company to offer swimming with humpback whales in Australia and this experience is a rare and very special one – something people have described as ‘life changing’.

Sunreef Whale Swim Tours
Sunreef Whale Swim Tours

Other options along the Coast include kayaking with dolphins via Epic Ocean Adventures and be possibly joined by whales too!

Epic Ocean Adventures kayak with whales
Kayak with Epic Ocean Adventures and you may have a close encounter of the humpback kind.




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