Mapleton visitor guide

06 Dec 2017

Mapleton is a small and sweet hinterland village with soaring views stretching across the coastal plains and down to the ocean on one side, and dense subtropical rainforest blanketing the other.


In Mapleton Forest Reserve and Mapleton Falls National Park, you’ll feel lost inside a land before time, as you walk among lush piccabeen palm groves, grandiose bunya pines and tall blackbutt forests. This is a true paradise for hikers, mountain bikers and birdwatchers.

Spend blissfully relaxed days mountain biking and bush walking through Mapleton’s rejuvenating rainforests near Mapleton Falls or you might like to be led by an expert and join a Tropical Treks walking or bird watching tour.

Mapleton mountain biking
Mapleton mountain biking

Spend fascinating evenings learning how to identify Orion’s Belt during an amateur astrologer’s course at Mapleton Observatory, follow an art gallery and home studios trail, spread out a picnic blanket at the Lilyponds Park, or wind down an evening drink while you watch the sky turn pink across the coast from a perfect vantage point on the verandah of Mapleton Tavern.

You'll find a beautiful range of accommodation offering peace and tranquility nice and close to Mapleton Falls. There is everything from eco-sanctuaries to holiday parks and camps.