Tropical Treks Guided Bushwalks and Birdwatching

Tropical Treks Guided Bushwalks and Birdwatching are specialists in small group, personalised guided wildlife and birdwatching tours in the Hinterlands of Noosa and the Sunshine Coast offering half-day and full day adventures. Passionate and dedicated to the preservation of wild places of Australia, Owner, Guide and Naturalist Steve Grainger provides interpretive sensory experiences while driving and walking through some of the most beautiful forests and National Parks in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, in Queensland, Australia. Designed to showcase the region’s landscape, flora, fauna, history and culture, their walks are interactive, fun and informative. Follow in the steps of the Aboriginal Australians, the first bush-walkers. Retrace the trails of the Explorers, Pioneers and Timber-getters who transformed the land for farming and provide resources for an expanding world. Unique landscapes in each walk will raise discussions on how the mountains were formed; why the rainforest exists; how it is interconnected with our lives today. It is their mission to leave the guest with an appreciation of the bush and a sense of guardianship to protect and conserve this remarkable region of theirs.