Thomas E.S.Kelly - (Mis) Conceive - for NOOSA alive!

25 Jul - 26 Jul
A stand-out event on the NOOSA alive! 2019 program is Thomas E.S. Kelly's [MIS]CONCEIVE - with two special performances at the Noosa Arts Theatre on Thursday 25 July and on Friday 26 July. Combining Aboriginal cultural knowledge with contemporary gestural motifs, [MIS]CONCEIVE’s fusion of hip hop, physical percussion and rhythmic cultural pattern is expressive and immediate. Through the mash-up of traditional and contemporary styles that simultaneously reject, reveal and re-educate modern (mis)understandings of Indigenity, [MIS]CONCEIVE argues that ‘knowledge’ does not equal comprehension. Books are not their covers. One size does not fit all. Kelly and his ensemble move with assured physicality in this high-energy work that pulses with humour, play and personal stories. Voice and body become pathways to traditional dance and song, as repetition and disguise make way for moments of discovery. [MIS]CONCEIVE brings audiences through the past, to understand the present and move forward into a better future. NOOSA alive! brings world-class musicians, authors, dancers, artists, food events and more to Noosa for an amazing 10 days of arts and culture – from Friday 19 July to Sunday 28 July.

Noosa Arts Theatre

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