Tommy Little - Self-Diagnosed Genius

24 Aug - 24 Aug
Idiot or genius? For many, the jury has been out on Tommy Little but he’s here to set the record straight. They mean would an idiot bungee jump nude on live television? Or sign up to run one of the toughest marathon’s in the world, in minus 20-degree Celsius in Antarctica with no previous experience or training? They rest their case. Miraculously, Tommy is back on Australian soil after surviving the marathon and has a cracking story to share. Tommy Little is the most exciting comedian of his generation. His comedy bubbles with an irresistible energy – bursting to tell you the next story. He’s smart, engaging and capable of holding a room in the palm of his hand Just for Laughs Stand Up Series live from the Sydney Opera House and he continues being everyone’s favourite fill in host and correspondent for The Project. Tommy Little is going places.

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