27 Jul - 04 Sep
Leaf litter may not be very exciting, but if you look closer all will be revealed. “Unearth” explores that hidden realm. For local Sunshine Coast Artist Fiona Groom highlighting the importance of leaf litter and its inhabitants developed from a need to create awareness for this important issue. Land clearing, pesticides, burning and farming destroy a delicate ecosystem dependent on trees, bushes leaf litter and dirt. Animals such as spiders, ants and centipedes roam the surface in search of food while below them other insects such as cicadas burrow into the soil to complete their life cycle. Food chains start here in the leaf litter where small organisms provide food for others, living and dying and in return helping to maintain the soil which can stop erosion helping seeds to grow. Unearth a secret realm highlights the animal that could be lost if we don’t preserve all aspects of our bushland. The exhibition opens on July 27 at 6pm and will continue on to September 4.

The Butter Factory Arts Centre

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