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$140.00 - $250.00

We are a bell tent rental company based on the Sunshine Coast. At Sunshine Glamping, we offer authentic luxury vacations creating a memorable glamorous camping experience where youll get back to nature in Style. Let us know your preferred location on the coast, whether it be private property or a local campground, and well book a campsite for you & set up your cosy, blissful retreat in one of our beautiful bell tents with lots of little luxuries. Adding a touch of magic to the great outdoors with camping in Style, our service creates the perfect romantic getaway, family fun time, a relaxed weekend with a friend or two or a solo retreat to recharge & unwind. Wake up surrounded by nature, beautiful landscapes and paradisiacal places. Discover alternative tourism with the comforts of a hotel room in a luxury bell tent on a campsite, full of charm and relaxation. By glamping, you can reconnect with nature, enjoy sustainable tourism and experience a unique getaway where all you need to do is pack your bags.

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