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Spilling the beans: Sunshine Coast Coffee Roasters Guild

Australians take their coffee seriously and the Sunshine Coast is no exception.

Spilling the beans: Sunshine Coast Coffee Roasters Guild

Six roasters have formed a Coffee Roasters Guild on the Coast with the aim of making it the coffee capital of Queensland.

The guild launched in 2015 at the Maleny Real Food Festival – the first of its kind in Australia. Several local roasters realised that they had common challenges and opportunities and together they could develop the Sunshine Coast as a coffee destination.

“Working together you can do so much more together than on your own,” says Karen Barnett, Director Montville Coffee.

The guild currently consists of six independent coffee roasters:

  • Montville Coffee
  • Pioneer Coffee Roastery
  • The Colombian Coffee Co
  • Flying West Coffee Roasters
  • Padre Coffee
  • Tim Adams Specialty Coffee

Roasted beans from the guild are distributed to cafés all over the Sunshine Coast and beyond.

All members have grown in their businesses by being assertive through the guild. There is such high quality of local roasted coffee now that local businesses don’t need to source it from outside.

“Local roast guarantees quality and freshness. Consistently you will have coffee that is a week to 14 days old which is the optimum time,” says Karen.

Karen explains that beyond marketing and importing as a group there is a second angle to the collaboration.

“Coming together we have been able to access professional development here on the Coast. We have organised collectively to bring specialist here for training rather than going to Sydney or Melbourne. This has been really beneficial to all of the members and it ensures we are constantly on the cutting edge of quality and new developments in the roasted coffee industry.”

The guild has taken matters one step further when they collectively formed The Coffee Trail.

The Coffee Trail provides a detailed map of around 60 cafes, which are supplied by the local roasters in the guild. By using the trail map coffee connoisseurs can locate coffee from their favourite Sunshine Coast roasters in the many boutique cafes in some of Australia’s most picturesque scenery.

The coffee scene of the Sunshine Coast continues to mature and innovate and there are new and interesting cafés and concepts opening all the time.