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Time for an epic foodie safari

A Sunshine Coast story of food provenance fused with nature – seafood, beer and good local food – which will you choose?

Time for an epic foodie safari

The hardest decision you will have to make when visiting the Sunshine Coast is whether you want to jetski your way through the glorious Pumicestone Passage to a seafood banquet fresh from the fishermen, or journey your way through a Hinterland food and beer paring, complete with farm visits. But maybe you should just do both!

The food journey begins…

The Sunshine Coast has evolved as a progressive food destination, with the provenance being the keystone around which many food experiences are built. Food has become less about just eating, and more about the whole experience; fresh local ingredients, premium nutrition, the food’s actual ‘source’ and the story surrounding it. As diners we are keen to reconnect, and delight in meeting the people, and the passions that make it happen.

A true Hinterland farm to fork experience

The Curated Plate Destination Series is an ode to dining experiences on the Sunshine Coast and has seen the emergence of some wonderful collaborations between producers and chefs.

Creative Tours and Events has teamed up with Brouhaha Brewery to give visitors to the Sunshine Coast a snapshot of the relationships between the brewery, the restaurant and the producers of the Sunshine Coast.  It is a behind the scenes adventure, following the journey of the brewery head chef, James Ostridge, and his passion to champion the producers of the ingredients that he uses to create the dishes on the brewery’s restaurant menu.

Your menu of the day is a lexicon of local growers and producers. The beer complementing each course, and coming with its own story of local creativity.

So while this fabulous day tour is about getting to meet the producers, it is also as much about understanding what makes the brewery tick, and the purpose that every item has on what is ultimately a very well thought-out, and delicious, menu.

As part of the tour, you will travel through the Sunshine Coast’s breathtaking Hinterland visiting local farms and facilities enroute to the brewery. First stop is a coffee roastery where you will gain an understanding of the complexity of what it is to create an exceptional cup of coffee. You will then wander the incredible market garden of the Falls Farm, a grower of a magnificent range of herbs and heirloom vegetables. And finally you will meet the producer of Maleny Wagyu Beef and appreciate the brewery’s ‘grain cycle’, that makes this journey so unique.

Enjoy an informative and fun day, connecting with producers, and understanding the passions behind the glorious four course food and beer paring that you are will enjoy – a combination of memorable flavours, of all that is local.

Jet skiing your way to seafood paradise

For something totally unique that merges the thrill of water sports, the great outdoors and the love of seafood, the Caloundra Jetski Seafood Safari, is something you won’t want to miss.

Leaving from Caloundra, you will jetski along the magical Pumicestone passage, weaving through mangrove-lined channels of water to Sandstone Point on Bribie Island where a delicious seafood banquet at Dock n Dine awaits. Fresh seafood, direct from the fishermen; prawns, fish, sand crab, calamari, freshly shucked oysters – you even get to meet the fishermen on their boats and trawlers that are moored in the marina just footsteps away.  Seafood does not get much fresher than this.

Traversing through the mangroves along the way, you will experience the incredible natural beauty of Tripcony Bight, a stunning body of water, haloed by mangroves filled with native bird and sea life. Look out for dugongs, stringrays and turtles while you enjoy the rush of adventure in the wake of the magical vista of the Glass House Mountains mirrored on the shoreline; a panorama unparalleled on the Sunshine Coast. Immerse yourself in this pristine seascape and enjoy an invigorating day on the water merging with nature.

This is a self-drive/ski experience – you drive the jetski – no experience or license is needed. As part of the guided tour, you will be given all the skills you need to make this an enjoyable water loving experience with a sensational spread of seafood the ultimate reward. You will love it!

These wonderful gourmet adventures, will leave you with not only a true taste of the Sunshine Coast, but the feeling that you really have immersed yourself in what it is to be local!