Flame Hill Vineyard



Wed love to welcome you to Flame Hill. Genuine hospitality is the ability to greet guests of diverse backgrounds with a welcome of kindness, service, food, wine and entertainment. To ethically and sustainably produce paramount quality produce from our estate vineyards and farms, marketed through the Montville Cellar Door and served with a conscience. At Flame Hill we know where our food and wine comes from. The Flame Tree proliferates at Montville, as does the Kurrajong tree at Lyra. They are both part of the Brachychiton group of trees. The same families of yellow-tailed black cockatoos visit both our farms seasonally to feast on the seeds from the Brachychitons. At Montville, the rosellas are white and at Kurrajong the Eastern Rosellas are red perhaps telling us the site best suited for white and red wine respectively.

Food & Wine