Stillmaker And Sons Distillery



Meet The Stillmaker's Son "It was tough for my Dad, Elio, growing up in Melbourne during WWII as the son of Italian migrants. Like most men of his generation he didn't have a lot to say about personal stuff. It was the things that we shared that spoke to me the most. We shared a love of the outdoors, of camping and a dream of owning a farm. And we really enjoyed sharing a whisky by the camp fire. Like his Dad, he was a skilled craftsman and could turn his hand to most trades. I started working for him as a young boy, crawling under dirty old houses in East Melbourne pulling electrical cables. It's what I did to help him get the job done. We worked on many historical buildings together and he taught me how to repair the job like we'd never been there. I wish my Dad was here to see what we've achieved. He would cast his eye over our copper pipework, check all the joints and marvel at our distillery equipment. But the one thing he'd have to learn is patience, because it takes a lot of patience to make exceptional whisky. Dad was always in a hurry to get somewhere, I'm not sure where that was, but I reckon he'd be happy to stop right here." - Michael