Banana Life


Banana Life leads the way in creating unique and memorable team experiences.

“Team-building, Team Experiences, Group Experiences, Team Events”; these are different names that require similar solutions. Sometimes it’s difficult to know exactly what you’re after.  However you know you need something

  • truly memorable
  • unique and inclusive
  • that showcases the Sunshine Coast destination

We know modern team-building problems need fresh, creative solutions—and we’ve assembled a stellar team of musicians, actors, tech gurus, artists and facilitators to find them.

Our creative range of activities bring teams together, build stronger relationships, and develop leadership and interpersonal skills— while feeling ‘less work and more play’. How do we do it? We consult with you; we design activities for you; and we deliver them with precision and passion. Sounds simple—works wonders. That’s Banana Life.

Group Activities

  • Innovative Team Building Programs
  • Incentive Experiences
  • Event Activation
  • Outdoor and Indoor Custom Team Building Events

Minimum 8 Maximum unlimited


Servicing the entire Sunshine Coast from Glass House Mountains in the south to Rainbow Beach in the north.