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VéloRoo ... Live, Laugh, Ride

VéloRoo ... Live, Laugh, Ride



VloRoo - Live, Laugh, Ride ... Cycling Holidays was born out of a deep love of cycling. Their purpose is to simply share this with others and do so while supporting them in any and every possible way. VloRoo provides authentic, genuine and personalised experiences that combine the joy of cycling with exploration and immersion in local cultures. Their itineraries for both road bike and trail/gravel riding are designed to offer a sense of accomplishment and memories created through moments of laughter and community. Memories that are missed chasing app created "crowns". When riding with VloRoo your safety is always their priority. Their focus is the joy of the ride, not the "thrill" of risk. It's why their itineraries are designed to be guided, with vehicle support. Live, Laugh, Ride ... Since 2012 VloRoo their dedication to small peloton sizes rewards them with relationships being created more like family than clients. They look forward to welcoming you to VloRoo's expanding global cycling family.

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