Cruise Maroochy ECO Tour

Cruise Maroochy invites you to open the door to explore the majestic Maroochy River. On board the double deck, twin hull cruising cat, you may be indoors or out up on the 30 per cent shaded top deck. 53 feet of licensed catered cruising takes care of your appetite for quality local beverages and produce. Motoring quietly toward the world class Wetland Sanctuary where a host of flora and fauna reside throughout the clearly identifiable habitats. Mangroves, salt marsh, melaleuca forest, casuarina woodland, wet and dry eucalypt forests through to rainforest. You can watch and hear many different types of birds, as well as crabs, butterflies and other animals that make the wetlands their home. The secrets of the magic Maroochy are revealed in sharing the beauty and serenity in Mother Nature as well as the ancient and recent local history of this mesmerising waterway in an entertaining commentary and visual magnificence of the surrounds. You can relax in glorious surrounds of the unadulterated Maroochy River Ecosystem, taking in the cathartic serenity of the pristine environment. Wednesday Nature Cruise. 10.30am to 12.30pm (morning tea included). Friday ECO Cruise 10.30am to 2pm (morning tea and barbecue lunch included).