Visiting the Sunshine Coast means that because of our beautiful weather all year round, you and your family can enjoy spending much of your vacation outdoors.   

Our goal is to help you to enjoy the outdoors by providing sun protection and reduce mosquito bites, painful itchy midges and sandflies bites, annoying flies on your face and sunburnt heads, necks and bodies. We do this by providing you with a healthy non-toxic solution to cover up your skin and keep cool with our environmentally friendly non-toxic mesh clothing and caps.

Our sub-tropical climate comes with some extra visitors - biting insects - mosquitoes, sandflies and midges.  Not to mention the annoying flies that are always around.

Don't spend a fortune purchasing preventatives such as toxic bug repellents, mosquito coils, impregnated wrist bands, bug zappers, essential oils only to find they didn’t work.  

Cover up your skin with Nudicover lightweight clothing and caps to reduce the risk of painful itchy bites, viruses and disease spread by mosquitoes, whilst providing sun protection.

Nudicover clothing is made with a unique cool, soft, breathable mesh and soft light fabrics. The clothing is UPF50+ and blocks 70% UVA & UVB rays.

Your time outdoors will be more enjoyable with Nudicover clothing and caps.