SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast

SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast is an all-weather visitor attraction located in the heart of the Sunshine Coast and now has more creatures to see and things to do than ever before.

At the much-loved aquarium, you can learn, explore and interact with thousands of marine life over 16 amazing and unique zones. With 14 fun talks and animal feeds, including the family favourite seal presentation, there's plenty for everyone to enjoy at SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast including cage-free shark dives and snorkels.

The aquarium is all about giving you the chance to get up close and personal with our much-loved creatures. Why not take a Behind the Scenes tour and find out all about SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast's rescue, rehabilitate and release program. Say hello to one of our cheeky resident seals in a seal experience like no other, shake a seal's flipper in a seal encounter, make a splash in a seal swim or even become a trainer for the day! Or, the more adventurous can hop into the main oceanarium and come face-to-fin with over 30 species of shark and ray in a cage-free shark dive or snorkel adventure.

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Jurassic Seas

Enter the graveyard of the great Prehistoric Beasts of the Ocean. Walk through the skeletal remains of the once Masters of the Seas and see how their ancestors are still alive today. Learn how they evolved and adapted through time and how you can help keep them to survive into the future...

But what out, some of the most ferocious creatures still seem to be roaming this space - as they pass by the tanks and swim around on the lookout for their next meal... could it be you?

Jurassic Seas features a three-player interactive dinosaur game with infrared lighting- will you survive?

Meet the mighty Megalodon, one of the largest and most powerful predators in the Jurassic Seas and feed a deadly Plesiosaurus with our state-of-the-art technology screens.

Opening hours

9.00am - 5.00pm