The Chapel Montville & Reception

The Chapel Montville is the result of a special vision, pure craftsmanship and local talent which now stands as art in the heart of Montville.

We offer exclusive packages with many other Montville businesses including reception venues and accommodation.

About The Chapel Montville & Reception

The french leadlight windows were specifically designed with the six side windows featuring a wooden frame surrounded by a sandstone arch, while the large back window with views over the coast to the ocean captures the beauty of outside & brings it in.

Onyx with gold flecks has been used for the floor, giving it a soft silky luster then polished for a magical shine.

The woodwork has been hand crafted from a local artist, made from red cedar with attention to detail and a passion for his work, the doors/pews/roof branches/window frames and alter (which is a whales tale) ad another stunning feature to The Chapel.

With a number of other features The Chapel Montville is a special place for couples to come and celebrate their wedding day.