Groundskeeper Willie Coffee Roasters Liquid Gastronomy

08 Aug - 10 Aug
Liquid gastronomy is a workshop designed to educate and inspire the senses by taking a journey from source, to taste. Starting at the source, they deliver a brief seminar on the cultivation of coffee and tea, including how they can promote sustainability and the challenges of production at origin. They then progress their journey into their craft with an interactive coffee roasting demonstration. Guests will learn how the flavour of coffee can be manipulated by the roasting process and the secret to unlocking the many delicate flavours within. After they complete the roast, they commence the gastronomy component of their sensory journey with a four course seated coffee degustation. Three single origin coffees and a chilled tea will be presented to guests each paired with a food item crafted in collaboration with local chefs utilising their exceptional, local produce. Each liquid element will be accompanied by a card complete with information on country and region of origin, processing and flavour profile. Through their sensory journey, guests will be able to take away a new appreciation for the flavour potential of coffee and tea beyond a humble morning ritual. 16 years plus event. On street parking available.

Groundskeeper Willie

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