Indonesian Banquet Cooking Class

05 Dec - 05 Jun
If you have holidayed in Bali, you’ll know how mouth-wateringly delicious Indonesian cuisine is. And since international travel is off the cards, for now, why not learn how to prepare an authentic Indonesian banquet right here in Noosa in this fun cooking class! In this beginner-friendly cooking class, you will learn to create a “Rijsttafel” (Rice Table), which is a banquet of authentic Indonesian dishes. Joining this class will be Dutch-Indonesian Paul Rast (as seen on SBS Food Safari), who will be sharing his mother’s and grandmother’s closely guarded recipes. Sample menu (menus are subject to change depending on seasonality and availability of ingredients): - Chicken saté with peanut sauce - Beef rendang - Stir-fried green beans in coconut milk - Sweet and spicy tempeh - Nasi goreng - Indonesian cucumber salad - Lemongrass-infused steamed jasmine rice - Black sticky rice with seasonal fruit and coconut cream What you will learn: - How to create a “Rijsttafel” (Rice Table) – a banquet of authentic Indonesian dishes. - About Indonesian ingredients and cooking techniques. - Be inspired and become more confident in the kitchen.

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