Pinup Workshop - Wet Pin Curl Set and Brush Out

29 Jul - 30 Jul
Achieve those classic vintage curls with a traditional overnight pin curl set. This two part workshop includes rolling and setting the hair in the afternoon, they wrap it up in a silk head scarf for you to sleep on overnight, then return in the morning for the brush out and the big reveal. Overnight sets are the best and most effective way to create vintage curls that hold and can last for days! You must be committed to sleeping on your pin curls (it can take some getting used to) - but its well worth it! Pin Curl Kit: pin curl clips, setting spray, rat tail comb, silk scarf, paddle brush, hair flower, bobby pins. Part 1 - setting the hair: Saturday 3.30pm to 5pm. Part 2 - brush out: Sunday 9am to 10:30am A total of three hours of hands on workshop. This is a two part class - price includes both the Saturday afternoon (Part 1) and Sunday morning (Part 2) workshops.

Old Ambulance Station

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