The Cold Record

28 Aug - 01 Sep
A secret performance. A one-man show. The story of a 12 year old boy who tries to set the record for the most days leaving school sick, and in the process falls in love with the school nurse and learns to appreciate punk rock. Sit down, grab a beer and let Rude Mechs take you on an interactive storytelling performance about punk rock. You must promise never to speak about what you witnessed or else you'll get kicked out. Kirk Lynn’s The Cold Record is a play that fits in a tote bag. Inside are wonders made from minimal materials — a tape recorder and headphones. Written by Lynn and performed by Eli Weinberg, this tape play can be performed anywhere, it just needs an audience who can keep a secret. Lynn’s insightful wit and inventiveness are on full display in this latest project, leaving you with a mixed tape of experiences and songs to live by. Rude Mechs present The Cold Record Written by Kirk Lynn Performed by Eli Weinberg Directed by Alexandra Bassiakou Shaw Produced in association with ArKtype / Thomas O. Kriegsmann

Blackbox Theatre, The Old Ambo

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