The Curated Plate Glass House Mountains Long Table Lunch

18 Aug - 18 Aug
Nestled into the shadows of the ancient volcanic plugs forming the Glass House Mountains, it’s a unique experience walking into Karen and Rob Martin’s bountiful fruit bowl. Their lush orchards showcase mouth-watering delights boasting rainbow hues planted in perfect rows featuring the juiciest lychees, dark red dragon fruit and their world-first PinksBlush variety of custard apples. The unique PinksBlush was discovered in the family orchard during the 1990s as a single branch on a PinksMammoth variety of custard apple tree. The new PinksBlush variety fruits out of season (September to December, rather than July to September) and has a creamier taste and different skin colour. Chef Sean Heyward will bring all of these sensational tastes together perfectly in your outdoor six course dining experience, with each course paired with quality wines that are sure to help you savour this memorable occasion. They always have a wet weather backup.

Yanalla Farms

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