Glen Eden Beach Resort

Embrace Tranquility, Create Memories: Glen Eden Beach Resort, A Haven on the Sunshine Coast Glen Eden in Peregian Beach extends a warm invitation to guests, providing more than just accommodation. It offers a purpose-driven retreat where tranquility converges with cherished moments. Situated on the pristine Sunshine Coast, the resort transcends the conventional concept of a destination, presenting itself as a haven meticulously crafted to inspire, foster connections, and rejuvenate. Guests are invited to luxuriate in spacious surroundings, cocooned away from the crowds. Glen Edens Purpose: They are committed to curating an atmosphere where tranquility and nature harmonize, a sanctuary for guests to unwind and forge lasting memories. Recognizing the impact of moments, the resort aspires to serve as the backdrop for the stories told, laughter shared, and connections formed. Commitment to Sustainability: Glen Eden upholds a commitment to sustainability and responsible tourism. Endeavors are made to minimize the environmental footprint, contributing to the preservation of the natural beauty that defines the Sunshine Coast. Your journey begins here: Whether in pursuit of a peaceful retreat, family bonding, or a romantic escape, Glen Eden marks the commencement of your journey. Let the waves be your soundtrack, the sunsets your palette, and the shared moments your most treasured souvenirs. Embrace tranquility, create memories such is the essence of Glen Eden Beach Resort on the Sunshine Coast. Your haven awaits.


Actively welcomes people with access needs.


388 David Low WayPeregian Beach,Queensland,4573

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