Fri May 31 2024 - Sun Jun 02 2024



The 2023 edition of Pranafest was an exceptional gathering. Through the lense of the incredible content team, in the coming weeks, you'll relive the co-creation of magic, community, inclusion and heart opening joy. Pranafest 2024 will be even more awe-inspiring as once again the team gathers the Sunshine Coast's leading yoga teachers, breath-work facilitators, musicians, meditation experts & inspiring community leaders for a transformational experience like no other. Early bird tickets are on sale now, as is the new Flow State Experience Membership. You will notice there are packages available to purchase both, which generate the first of many savings for members if you sign up now. This is your time to activate, rejuvenate,and celebrate life. Drop in and expand, meet new friends, engage in expansive and deepening activities, dance, breathe, heal, relax and unlock your fullest potential. The Flow State Experience provides a safe environment where connection and collaboration is valued and encouraged by the creative community, for the creative community. All like-minded individuals are invited to join this evolutionary journey of self-worth, self-development and self-discovery.