Tin Can Bay is a beautiful seaside village that is known for its abundant wildlife, easy atmosphere and magnificent wild-catch seafood harvested from the pristine waters of the Great Sandy Strait (Great Sandy Marine Park) and Pacific Ocean.

It’s one of only two places in Queensland where you can hand feed a rare Indo-Pacific humpback dolphin. Under the supervision of Barnacles Dolphin Centre, you are able to stand in the water and get up close and personal with these gentle souls. The dolphins generally arrive around 7-7:30am and you can feed them from 8:00am. Unauthorised dolphin feeding is not permitted.

Tin Can Bay’s sheltered coast makes this serene little coastal town perfect for anything in or around the water including sailing, kayaking and fishing where you can throw in a line or head out on a charter with the experts from Fishing Tin Can Bay.

With miles and miles of pristine waterways, the most rewarding activity is being on the water and you can even sleep on the Sandy Strait via Tin Can Bay Houseboats or Tin Can Bay's Sleepy Lagoon Motel offers an affordable option if you prefer staying on dry land.

As the closest southern gateway to K’gari, it has more than 140 species of birdlife choosing to call this place home making it a great spot for a bit of birding.