Ride On Mary - Kayak and Bike Bush Adventures

Kayak the beautiful Mary River or Yabba Creek and take in the breathtaking scenery! The river winds through patches of rainforest, eucalypt forest and open farmland. Take a dawn kayak for a chance to see the elusive Platypus as the sun breaks through the early morning mist, revealing the hills and mountains of the Mary Valley. Kayak with dinosaurs - the Queensland Lungfish goes back in history 350 million years. Look out for the equally endangered 'Bum breathing punk' Mary River Turtle both indigenous to the Mary River and its tributaries. Spot the colourful Kingfishers as they follow you down the creek. See what other wildlife you can identify! Hire bikes and explore the local forest and waterfalls with custom made maps. Maybe try spotting a Koala or listening out for the Bell Birds on the newly opened Mary Valley Rail Trail. Whatever you choose you will have an experience worth remembering. Ride On Mary, where adventures begin!


578 Lowe RoadBollier,Queensland,4570


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