Outdoor Adventure Australia


Yandina Creek

Whether youre challenging yourself, escaping the everyday nine to five or re-connecting with the Australian Outdoors! Outdoor Adventure Australia is an experience provider based on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia. Their business is guided by some founding principles. Respect - For themselves, each other and their natural environment. Freedom - From limiting beliefs. Adventure - Challenging personal limitations. Reconnection - With their true selves, with their tribe and with their environment. Health - Understanding that a truly healthy life is attained through not just ensuring personal health (mind, body and spirit) but that a healthy individual cannot exist within a sick environment. Conservation - Acknowledging that they dont exist in a bubble and that its their responsibility to conserve as much of their natural environment as possible for the health of themselves and future generations. The faces that you will see leading your activities are the tip of the iceberg when considering what goes on behind the scenes. Realistically, Outdoor Adventure Australia is the result of a community of absolutely incredible people.

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