The Sculpture Garden at Fairhill Botanical Gardens



Welcome to 'The Sculpture Garden,' a permanent sculpture trail set amidst the stunning native surroundings of Fairhill Botanical Gardens' historic grounds. The Sculpture Garden is the initiative of Stevens Street Gallery in Yandina, promoting the collaboration between artists and the community to build a connected and thriving creative community. Their mission is to integrate the arts into everyday life and encourage artistic thinking by offering innovative spaces and engaging creative events and opportunities. They firmly believe in the transformative power of art to connect people, enrich and inspire lives, broaden perspectives, stimulate conversation, promote healing, and instil purpose. As part of their continued efforts to create spaces and opportunities for Sunshine Coast creatives, they are thrilled to present The Sculpture Garden, a unique event that fosters engagement between the community and local artists. Through this collaboration with Fairhill Botanical Native Gardens, they connect art lovers with talented local artists, offering a platform to purchase sculpture and support the growth of the local art sector. The Sculpture Garden provides a space for the community to come together, share their passion for creative expression, and engage in artistic exchanges.