Land Holds Memory


Fri Oct 20 2023 - Sun Dec 03 2023



No landscape is neutral. Land Holds Memory of stories bearing human and environmental imprints emanating from deep time to the present day. This exhibition presents new works by artists Joanne Currie Nalingu, Joe Furlonger, Pat Hoffie, Peter Hudson, Euan Macleod and acclaimed songwriter/musician Kev Carmody, reflecting experiences of walking, listening, and creating in the landscape. The primarily plein air works are responses to a series of field trips to the Bunya Mountains, Girraween National Park and Carnarvon Gorge sites that are resonant with multilayered geological, ecological and human histories. Land Holds Memory represents an immersion in and sensing of these potent and powerful places, and an openness to the histories, scars, songs and voices that pervade them.