MySmallBiz Expo - Sunshine Coast


Thu Jun 06 2024



Event designed to showcase the best small businesses, self-employed individuals, and budding entrepreneurs. The MySmallBiz Expos are perfect for anyone looking to explore and support local small businesses while enjoying a day filled with engaging activities that highlight the diverse local community. During the expos, you'll have the opportunity to participate in Q&A sessions and presentations with various experts from ETCs Business team, Self-Employment Ambassadors, and Subject Matter Experts, where you can gain valuable insights and advice tailored to small businesses and self-employment. But thats not all these expos are all about networking and fostering meaningful connections. You'll get the chance to meet and interact with other small business owners and industry professionals, building relationships that could open up new opportunities and collaborations. Its a great place to learn and discover new things on your leisurely journey. By attending, youll support small businesses in the local community, allowing small business stall holders to showcase their products and services and practice their elevator pitches. This event is about learning and encouraging people to support the businesses exhibiting at the expo. So whether you're a seasoned traveller or just starting out, mark your calendars and join in promoting self-employment, small business, and entrepreneurship in the local community! Please visit the website for more info.