Discover our guide to local hiking spots: from short & sweet, to something more challenging.

The Sunshine Coast boasts a stunning array of walking and hiking trails, catering to all fitness levels and interests. Whether you're after a leisurely stroll through lush subtropical rainforests or a challenging climb with breathtaking views, you're sure to find the perfect track for you. 

For a family fun day out 

Gardeners Falls, Maleny

Gardeners Falls, Maleny

Gardners Falls  

Location: Maleny

Time: 10 minutes | Grade 1 

A short and flat walk suitable for all ages, this is a perfect spot for a picnic with a view of the cascading falls. If you’re keen to stay a little longer, Spicers Tamarind Retreat is only just up the road.  

Dularcha Forest Tunnel  

Location: Landsborough 

Time: Approximately 2 hours  | Grade 1 

This 3.4km one-way path is a favourite amongst families. It's suitable for walkers, bikes, and even horses, making it a great option for a fun outing with the kids. 

Buderim Forest Waterfalls (Serenity Falls), Buderim

Buderim Forest Waterfalls (Serenity Falls), Buderim

Buderim Forest Waterfall Walk  

Location: Buderim 

Time: 15-30 minutes | Grade 1 

Enjoy the refreshing discovery of a cascading waterfall hidden less than a kilometre from Buderim village, and only a short drive from Mooloolaba. This flat, wheelchair-accessible track is ideal for a quick and scenic escape. 

Amama Walk  

Location: Amamoor State Forest 

Time: 10 minutes | Grade 2 

This short and easy 540-metre circuit is wonderful for families with young children. The track winds through beautiful scenery, featuring wild macadamia nut trees and a scenic creek. 

For those seeking more of a challenge 

Kondalilla Falls

Kondalilla Falls

Kondalilla Falls  

Location: Kondalilla National Park 

Time: 1 hour 30 minutes return | Grade 3 

This 4.7km track with over 300 stairs leads you to the Blackall Range's most spectacular waterfalls. Prepare for some challenging climbs but be rewarded with stunning scenery. Not recommended for wheelchairs due to steep terrain and can be slippery at times. 

Above image: Mount Coolum sunrise

Above image: Mount Coolum sunrise

Mount Coolum Walk  

Location: Coolum 

Time: 1 hour return | Grade 4  

Take a steep trek to the summit of an ancient volcanic dome and enjoy panoramic views. This 1.6km return track is a great workout and offers opportunities for birdwatching and whale watching from the very top. 

Mt Ngungun, Glass House Mountains

Mt Ngungun, Glass House Mountains

Mt Ngungun  

Location: Glass House Mountains 

Time: 2 hours | Grade 4 

This 2.8km return track with stunning views of the Glass House Mountains is not for the faint-hearted. The track includes steep sections and passes close to cliff edges. Ensure proper footwear and avoid this track in wet weather conditions. 

Coastal Track Noosa National Park

Coastal Track Noosa National Park

Noosa National Park Coastal Walk  

Location: Noosa National Park 

Time: time may vary depending on distance | Grade 4 

This 10.8km return track allows you to discover hidden coves and beaches, all whilst witnessing marine life. This is an out-and-back track, so you can tailor the distance to your fitness level. 

For the nature enthusiast 

Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve

Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve

Mary Cairncross Rainforest Walk  

Location: Maleny 

Time: 20-30 minutes | Grade 2 

Immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of the rainforest on this 1.7km loop track. Keep your eyes peeled for pademelons, whipbirds, and various butterflies. 

Fig Tree Walk in Imbil State Forest

Fig Tree Walk in Imbil State Forest

Fig Tree Walk  

Location: Kenilworth 

Time: 45 minutes | Grade 1 

This easy 780-meter circuit takes you through the lush rainforest with towering Moreton Bay fig trees and other native species. The unique feature of this walk is it has a different path for the return journey. 

The Strangler Cairn Walk  

Location: Conondale National Park

Time: Allow 2hr 30min | Grade 3 

This 6.5km return track leads you to a unique art installation – The Strangler Cairn. Enjoy the beauty of the subtropical rainforest along the way. Please note that park roads require a high clearance 4WD vehicle. 

Looking for a multi-day adventure?  

Mapleton Falls National Park

Mapleton Falls National Park

Sunshine Coast Hinterland Great Walk 

Location: Mapleton Forest Rd, Gheerulla  

Time: time may vary depending on distance  | Grade 3 and 4   

This multi-day adventure (at least 4 days) is not for the casual walker. Covering 58.8km through diverse landscapes, the track offers access to campsites and allows you to choose shorter sections if a multi-day adventure is not your preference. 

Guided walking tours 

Narrows Escape Rainforest Retreat 

Narrows Escape Rainforest Retreat 

Narrows Escape Luxe Trekking  

Location: Montville  

Time: time may vary depending on fitness level | Various grades  

Explore the Sunshine Coast Hinterland with a luxurious two-night guided walk. This all-inclusive package includes meals, guided walks, and the opportunity to explore hidden trails used for centuries by the indigenous people. 

This is just a taste of the many walking and hiking adventures that can be found on the Sunshine Coast. So, lace up your boots, grab your hat and water bottle, and get ready to explore! 

*The information in this guide has been based on the Queensland Government’s Parks and Forests informational guides found at 

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