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Boys' trip to the Sunshine Coast

Need a boys' weekend? Here's some great tips for your next blokey getaway.

Boys' trip to the Sunshine Coast


Adventure and sport are synonymous with the Sunshine Coast. The year round beautiful weather means it’s the ideal place to take part or be a spectator in some of the most exciting sporting activities in Australia. With iconic triathlons and marathons running throughout the year, plus the Sunshine Coast Stadium hosting a variety of sporting events it’s the perfect excuse to take a boys’ trip to the Sunshine Coast.


Catch up with some mates over a few ales at some of the trendiest breweries that are popping up all over the Sunshine Coast. Take a behind the scene tour, discover hidden away gems or event just visit a funky brewery in the middle of Sunshine Coast’s amazing hinterland scenery. To see everything on offer, check out the Sunshine Coast’s top beer experiences here.


The Sunshine Coast promises adventure wherever you set your sights for the day. With amazing beaches and stunning mountains to climb, it’s the most rewarding exploring you’ll ever do! Challenge yourselves with how many of the Glass House Mountains you can summit or stay closer to the hustle and bustle by exploring pockets of serenity hiding close by. Here are some top spots on the Sunshine Coast that are guaranteed to take your breath away.


Cast out a line at some the best fishing spots on the Sunshine Coast. If you have your own boat or want to splurge by spending a little extra on a fishing charter, then the Sunshine Coast is your fishing haven. Get your bait and tackle ready for the best places to fish on the Sunshine Coast, explore them here.


If you’re here for a long weekend with your mates, don’t forget to hit up some sweet surf spots that promise nothing but barrels and good times. The Sunshine Coast is the perfect place for a morning shred followed by a tasty breakfast at a local café. 

Food and drink

If you're looking at stretching out the good vibes as long as possible, visit the countless establishments that offer Sunday sessions on the Sunshine Coast. Paired with great food and knockout dishes, the Sunshine Coast is quickly becoming a foodie paradise! Check out 12 of our favourite spots here, we dare you not to try them all!

Tick a few natural adventures off your bucket list

From soaring high in the sky in a seaplane, diving down deep with the whale, or cruising the coastline on a jetski, the Sunshine Coast is home to a variety of immersive encounters for you to sink your teeth into. Tick some things off your bucket list while enjoying the beautiful year round sunshine and breathtaking surroundings. These are some local faves.

While you're staying make sure you're playing!

 While you're in the region, check out some of the unique group activities that you can do with all your best mates!