Beach camping is the classic holiday experience but it’s not for everyone. Or so we thought until a recent holiday with the Rainbow Beach Ultimate Camping team at Inskip Point near Rainbow Beach. Now we’re convinced camping is for everyone.

Yes, even for people who:

  • Think they don’t like camping;
  • Have never camped before;
  • Don’t have any camping equipment;
  • Don’t have a caravan, camper trailer or 4WD;
  • Aren’t handy at putting up tents;
  • Enjoy their creature comforts and don’t want to spend their holiday sitting in the dirt!   

Here are 5 reasons you should go camping at Rainbow Beach.

1. Easy - No equipment needed, not even a 4WD!

The big barrier to entry for camping is that, to do it well, you need lots of equipment plus a car or trailer big enough to get everything you need to the campsite. Camping equipment costs a lot of money and buying it is too expensive for many of us, especially those of us who aren’t regular campers.

Now Rainbow Beach Ultimate Camping makes camping easy and accessible for everyone, because they provide all the equipment and even set it all up for you. They custom build the camp site to suit your needs and the size of your group, including everything you need to make camping as easy as staying in a holiday house or resort. 

You can even access the campsites at Inskip without a 4WD vehicle by parking just off the road and carrying your food and clothes into the campsite. Rainbow Beach Ultimate Camping can also help transport your luggage in for you.

2. Comfortable - No need to rough it!

Camping generally only appeals to people who don’t mind roughing it a bit and going without mod cons like electricity and running water. If that doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, stay with us here because camping doesn’t have to mean deprivation.


When you experience camping with Rainbow Beach Ultimate Camping you’ll be given everything you need to make your experience comfortable including:

  • A huge, sheltered kitchen/dining/family area with a big icebox, gas stove, barbecue, sink with running water, dining table and chairs, heaps of cupboard space for your food and all the pots, pans and cooking utensils you’ll need. There’s even an ice bucket!
  • Plenty of lights that turn on with the flick of a switch;
  • Your own enviro friendly private port-a-potty so you don’t have to use the communal and very basic toilet facilities at the campsite;
  • Roomy tents for sleeping in with a cupboard to put your clothes away and a carpet on the floor;
  • Camp chairs around a fire pit;
  • A hammock;
  • A hot shower - yes, indeed!

3. Fast - No time spent packing, setting up or clearing away

The other drawback with camping is that it takes time to organise. Lots of time. However, in this case, although you’ll have all the equipment needed for a super comfy camping experience, you won’t have to lift a finger or spend a penny to get it organised.

When you book your holiday with Rainbow Beach Ultimate Camping, the entire campsite will be set up for you, so all you need to bring are your clothes, food and sunscreen.

4. Stunning scenery

There are several different campsites at Inskip and you won’t know exactly where your camp will be until you arrive, but wherever you stay the scenery is stunning. All the campsites are in a National Parks Recreation Area right on the beach amidst beautiful bush. Our camp had sea views across to World Heritage listed K’gari (formerly Fraser Island). The coastal scenery, sunrise, sunsets and birdlife are spectacular.

Inskip Pennisula

Inskip Pennisula

5. Heaps to see and do in nearby Rainbow Beach

Usually if you want to camp in a pristine environment you may be a long way from a town or any tourist attractions. The great thing about camping at Inskip is that it’s only a 10-minute drive from Rainbow Beach where you can pick up supplies or go on an outing or day trip including tour options like horse-riding on the beach, kayaking with dolphins at Double Island Point or even skydiving.

Sounds good? To find out more about camping at Inskip visit Rainbow Beach Ultimate Camping.

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