Now they are gearing up for their first home game on the Sunshine Coast, we quizzed them on all things, living, training and competing for the Sunshine Coast Lightning!

How did you both come to live on the Sunshine Coast?

Steph: I was playing Netball in Sydney and the opportunity came about that I could come back home to Queensland and play professionally, and I jumped at the chance.

Cara: A whole lot of luck and good timing. When Suncorp Super Netball was created at the end of 2016, I was living in Brisbane. I received a call from our Head Coach at the time asking if I would be interested in playing professional netball on the Sunshine Coast. Safe to say, the decision was a bit of a no-brainer.

What do you love most about living, training, and playing Netball on the coast?

StephThe pace that the coast is definitley suits me. I love that after a hard training session I can drive 10 minutes to the closest beach and have a coffee and swim. 

Cara: I adore everything about the Sunshine Coast! But specifically, I love playing or training and then being able to head straight to the beach for some recovery in the ocean.


Where is the best spot for coffee? 

Steph: This is a hard one as there are many but a few of my favourites are Miss Mays, BFresh, Harvest, Velo Project & Backstreet Cafe.

CaraAs a non-coffee drinker, I am probably not qualified to answer this question.

What are your favourite things to do on the Coast in your free time? 

StephRelax and take a book down to a beach. 

Cara: My favourite thing to do on the coast is to spend hours down at the local dog beach with my golden retriever, Lola.


Steph this one is more for you, how does playing for a team like the Sunshine Coast Lightning compare to playing for other teams like the Swifts?  

I absolutely loved my time playing for the swifts but the lifestyle on the coast suits me a lot better than Sydney did. I also love that we are a team for the community.  

After such a challenging 2020, are you looking forward to travelling for games again? 

StephYes, I love away trips when you get a new roomie every trip. You tend to have all your meals together and lots of laughs and great memories happen on away trips. 

Cara2020 was an unforgettable year. However, we definitely missed the team travel. It’s an amazing way to break up the season but also is an awesome bonding experience for the team. Away trips give us the opportunity to room with different people and get to know one another on a much deeper level (which definitely improves our connection on court).


What’s the best part about travelling for sport? 

StephGetting to see different parts of Australia and the world. You might not get much time to explore but you can definitely get a vibe of each city in the time you are there. 

Cara: The best part about travelling for sport is to be given the opportunity to visit cities all over Australia to play netball and promote the sport we are all so passionate about.

What’s an experience you think everyone should try on the Coast? 

StephLove that there are so many different hikes/walks you can go on. Bonus is these don't cost a dime and the scenery you get to see is spectacular!

Cara: Snorkelling at Mudjimba Island... and watching a Sunshine Coast Lightning home game.


In your opinion, what makes the Sunshine Coast, for real? 

StephCan't go past the beaches and how friendly people are!

Cara: You can really do anything and everything here, from relaxing to adventure – the sunny coast has everything.

Watch the girls in action this weekend, get your tickets to support the Sunshine Coast Lightning here.